Gobi Oasis is a small tree-planting nursery project established by Byamba Tseyen in her hometown of Mandalgobi, Dundgobi in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia in 1975. For over 40 years, she has been leading this conservation project by growing small seeds & branches, and nurturing them in harsh conditions, before replanting them in areas in desperate need for defence against desertification. Today, the project forms a small but vital role in the global fight to protect the natural environment which we all share.

It gets very cold in Mongolia over the winter and everything freezes from October to April. Once the warmer, more pleasant weather arrives between May and September, Byamba’s team work hard to grow the trees another inch longer. Water is not always available and it doesn’t help when it rains just a few times in July and August during hot extremely dry conditions.

We believe that action to combat desertification in the Gobi Desert is required urgently before the costs of rehabilitation rise beyond practical possibility, or before the opportunity to act is lost forever.

Get Involved

The ideal time to visit Gobi Oasis is from April to September. During these spring and summer months, this conservation project hosts numerous guests from partner tour companies Goyo Travel and Eternal Landscapes. You can get involved by joining one of their tours, on which you can get involved in daily activities and duties to run the nursery such as watering trees, keeping weeds off, making plant beds, or removing sand. During your time with us, you would be staying in your own private ger at Byamba’s home in Mandalgobi, with traditional furnishings, internet access, showers, toilets and delicious homecooked food.


What Our Guests Say

Mo Strangeman in 2006

“Joining Byamba’s project in Mandalgobi gave me a unique chance to share in the life of Mongolia. I quickly learned how passionate and committed she is to achieving the growth[…]

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November 4, 2017 0

Emma & Bart in 2010

“We’d heard about Byamba’s project before: Goyo, her daughter, had won silver in the Paul Morrison Guide Awards 2007 and donated her prize money to the advancement of Gobi Oasis[…]

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November 4, 2017 0

Penny & Gerald in 2010

“We like the idea of ‘responsible tourism’ and chose the Gobi Oasis Project which involves planting of a particular type of tree (Saxaul) to prevent the desertification of the Gobi[…]

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