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Byamba Tsiyen

Byamba established the Gobi Oasis tree planting project in 1975 after her graduation from the University of Agriculture in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia as a Forest Engineer. During her many years of hard work, she was honoured with national awards including “The State Honoured Worker of Environment”, “The National Ranger of Mongolia”, and “The Golden Star”.

She has been on several trips to China, Russia and England to visit other tree planting projects. She also does classroom training for students & experts, and hosts local & foreign volunteers at the nursery during summer months. She is locally known as “Forest Byamba” and one of the very few people in Mongolia who dedicated all her life to the tree planting in the dry & windy Gobi Desert which has an average rainfall of less than 100mm per year.

Chinba & Urnaa

Chinba and Urnaa take their summer holidays to help for the project. Urnaa cooks Mongolian and European food for our clients & volunteers. Chinba takes you for a tour around town as well as doing errands on daily basis at the project.

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