Mike & Carol in 2012

Mike & Carol in 2012

November 4, 2017 volunteers 0

On the 5th July 2012, we headed about 270km south to a town called Manadalgobi in the north of the Gobi desert. We wanted to visit the Gobi Oasis project, one of the charities we are supporting through our trip, to see it for ourselves. It also gave us the opportunity of spending time with a Mongolian family and staying  in a ger for a night or so.

It is an experience we would recommend it to anyone. All our meals were cooked for us in a special dining building and Carol was well catered for. We had a full day with Byamba and Radnaa and their family. In the morning we went to visit one of the tree planting areas which is on the edge of the town and is in the process of being transformed from a sandy wasteland to a green belt which will help stabilise the desert and stop it encroaching on the town.

Byamba mainly uses elm and saxaul trees which don’t grow very big but have an extensive root network which binds the soil/sand, 

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