Penny & Gerald in 2010

Tree nursery project in the Gobi of Mongolia

Penny & Gerald in 2010

November 4, 2017 volunteers 0

“We like the idea of ‘responsible tourism’ and chose the Gobi Oasis Project which involves planting of a particular type of tree (Saxaul) to prevent the desertification of the Gobi Desert. Byamba and Radnaa were our hosts for the few days we spent in Mandalgobi, when we combined tree planting with the splendours of the Naadam Festival.  We could watch such wonderful sports like horse riding, wrestling and archery, and mingle with the local people and eat traditional food.

Only by witnessing the work that has gone into this project to bring it where it is does one realise how committed Byamba and her husband are, together with all the volunteers  who have made such a valuable contribution.

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